The Design Plan Of Clean Room Layout

The Design Plan Of Clean Room Layout 1. The clean room layout type Clean room area generally includes three parts: clean area, quasi-clean area and auxiliary area. The layout of the clean room can be in the following ways. Outer corridor wrap-around: The [...]

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Introduction

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel brief Introduction The aluminum honeycomb panel is composed of a hollow supporting board and a decorative panel. The feature is that the hollow supporting board adopts an aluminum honeycomb core board, and is compounded on both sides [...]

Magnesium Sandwich Panel Introduction

Magnesium sandwich panel brief introduction Magnesium sandwich panel also kowns as glass magnesium sandwich panel. It is a three part system of MgO, MgCl2, and H2O, which is made by configuring and adding modifiers. It is a stable magnesium cement [...]

Cleanroom Applicable Industries

Cleanroom Applicable IndustriesCleanroom Applicable Industries are as follow. Electronics Cleanrooms, Aerospace, Optics, Research, Military, Defense, Etc. This ISO5 GMP modular clean booth for laboratory design normally involves products research, manufacturing, or repair & calibration. That does not normally require the room [...]

Sandwich Panel Core Materials

Sandwich Panel Core Materials For the sandwich panel core materials, the thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound absorption of the color steel sandwich panel mainly depend on its core material – thermal insulation material. This kind of material not only [...]

The Clean Room Structure Parts Introduction

The Clean Room Structure Parts Introduction The clean room structure parts: Panel style: polyurethane core sandwich panel board, rockwool core sandwich board (widely used), polystyrene core sandwich board (without fire proof), Honeycomb Core sandwich Board, Plastered Core sandwich Board (widely used for ceiling), Metal-face glass-magnesium core board. Panel [...]

Dust Particles And Microbial In Cleanroom

Dust Particles And Microbial In Cleanroom The Classification Of Cleanroom Cleanroom can be classified into industrial clean room, bio-medicine clean room, biosafety clean room. The industrial clean room mainly controls the inactive dust particles and maintains the relative positive pressure on the adjacent room. [...]

Control Personnel’s Pollution in Clean Room

 Control Personnel’s Pollution in Clean Room Clean room: According to the analysis of American FDA(Food and Drug Administration) data, the pollution caused by operators in the sterile room will reach 95% of the total pollution sources. How to control people’s [...]

A Basic Introduction to Clean Rooms

Clean rooms is a controlled environment where products are manufactured. It is a room in which controlls the concentration of airborne particles to specified limits. Eliminating sub-micron airborne contamination is really a process of control. These contaminants generates by people, [...]

What is Cleanroom Contamination

Contamination is a process or act that causes materials or surfaces to be soiled with contaminating substances. There are two broad categories of surface contaminants: film type and particulates. These contaminants can produce a “killer defect” in a miniature [...]