Magnesium Sandwich Panel Introduction

Magnesium sandwich panel brief introduction

Magnesium sandwich panel also kowns as glass magnesium sandwich panel. It is a three part system of MgO, MgCl2, and H2O, which is made by configuring and adding modifiers. It is a stable magnesium cement material with medium alkali. Glass fiber mesh is a new type of non-combustible decorative material. It is composed of reinforced materials and lightweight materials as fillers.

Magnesium Sandwich Panel

Processed by a special production process, it has the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, odorless, non-toxic, non-freezing, non-corrosive, non-cracking, unchanged, non-combustible, high-strength, light-weight, convenient construction, long replacement, etc. It has compound special properties.



Magnesium sandwich panel Specification:

① Effective width:1150m
② Thickness:50mm, 75mm, 100mm(according to the requirement of customers)
③ Length:It depends on project requirement and transportation condition.
④ Core material:Glass magnesium hollow core, glass magnesium rock wool
⑤ Erection structure and application: Rabbet joint


Product Name
Magnesium Sandwich Panel
Galvanized Steel from 0.4mm-0.8mm
Core Material
Magnesium oxysulfate material
Any Ral Color
Fireproof Grade
Grade A (Nearly Non flammable)
Insulation Value
0.035-0.043 w/m*k
Compressive Strength
150-500 KPa
Panel Thickness
Panel Width
Panel Length
As your requirement
Service Life
15-30 Years
Fireproof,Waterproof,Dust-proof,Anti-bacteria,Electrostatic Prevention,etc



It is widely used in: Indoor and outdoor boards for purifying factory building. Pharmacy, electronics, biology research, foodstuff, beverage etc.

Magnesium Sandwich Panel

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