GMP Plant Silicon Rock Sandwich Panel

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GMP Plant Silicon Rock Sandwich Panel


GMP plant ilicon rock sandwich panel is made of traditional EPS polystyrene panel and new inorganic materials. Keep them together through infiltration, solidify, and polymerization processes. Encapsulating polystyrene particles with special inorganic material crystals with fire resistance. Filled uniformly, and insulated with air, thereby completely changing the original polystyrene panel shrinks in the event of fire, and the defects of the melt drop phenomenon. Maintain the excellent physical properties of the original polystyrene panel.

GMP Plant Silicon Rock Sandwich Panel

GMP Plant Silicon Rock Sandwich Panel


1. Fire-resistant materials of steel structures, steel structure workshops, light steel workshops, cold storage, mobile houses;

2.It can be used for wall insulation, pipe insulation, furnace insulation; Steel roof and wall fire insulation;

3. Using in medicine, electronics, biological products, food, health products, cosmetics, medical equipment, laboratories and other clean projects, as well as fire barriers, etc.



1. Unmatched fire resistance,
2. Energy efficient,
3. The system is mature,
4. Easy construction,
5. Cost-effective



Product nameGMP Plant Silicon Rock Sandwich Panel
Thicknessupper layer0.4mm-0.8mm
core material50mm,75mm, 100mm, 150mm,200mm
bottom layer0.4mm-0.8mm
Effective Widthstandard950mm, 1150mm
othercan be customized
Lengthcan be customized, less than 12m
Weightup to model
ColorRal Standard
Temp tolerance300℃
Hydrophobic rate≥97.5%
Fire resistance levelA (Self-extinguishing)
Surface profileFlat,corrugated,big rib, small wave
Compression bearing≥ 100Kpa
Materialupper layercolor steel plate or stainless steel sheet
inner layerSilicon rock polystyrene
bottom layercolor steel plate or  stainless steel sheet
PartsEccentric hook  used for  connection of panel
Film covering for protecting the surface layer
Connection methodCapped for roof panel, Tongue and groove for wall panel
Heat transfer coefficient≤0.041 W/M*K
CharacteristicsLight in weight: 12-50kg/m3, easy to install(donnot need crane), reduce  construction time,save cost.
Excellent Sound Insulation, heat insulation, waterproof and damp resistant
Meet specials designs due to it is easy to form and cut
Safe and green,good appearance,without formaldehyde
Lifespancan reach 15-20 years
UsageWidely used for wall and roof of  mobile office/building, gymnasium,villa, guard booth, floor heating , steel structure  building and packaging industry,Purification workshop ceiling, envelope and purification products;  warehouses;  refrigerator, air conditioning system; storey  adding;  large-span roof.

Packing and Deliver

We use standard wood plywood packaging. Can guarantee the good condition of the goods during transportation.

Delivery time is generally 20 days after the deposit

GMP Plant Silicon Rock Sandwich Panel

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