About Us

GuangZhou HaoAir Purification Technology Co,.Ltd is located in GuangZhou China. It is a professional production and management of cleanroom panel , door and clean room equipment. In addition, We also provide clean room construction consultation and design.

Company specializing in the production of magnesium sandwich panel, rockwool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, eps sandwich panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, paper honeycomb panel, magnesium oxysulfate sandwich panel, silicon rock panel, phenolic aldehyde sandwich panel, roof sandwich panel and so on. For cleanroom door, we have sliding door, swinging door, roll-up door, fire door, specialty door and so on. We also product clean room equipments, such as air shower, pass box, clean booth and laminar flow bench. For clean room equipments, please visit http://www.haoairtech.com .

The company’s customers through out southern China, the product sells in distance markets overseas. The supply of products involved in the pharmaceutical Industry, Electronics Industry, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Cosmetics Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Precision Instrument Production and other fields.

Our company’s business philosophy is to create value for the customer, through the integrated solution. Let our customer free from worry, save money, and make the customer’s project more excellent. We are striving for a win-win situation with customers, employees and society, and HaoAir Tech company is moving towards higher, faster and stronger goals!

Clean room door display

Panel Production

Panel Production Site

Clean room case

Advanced Manufacturing Capability

Excellent processing technology and stable operationIt can produce wall and roof with special appearance.

Full training, stable technical team, 8 engineers over 10 years of service

ISO 9001 Quality System Certification

High Quality Product Packaging Service

Quality Assurance

Quality monitoring: Each batch of raw materials and finished products will be subject to strict quality testing.Weight test: 3 meter long rock wool sandwich board,which can stand the standing of three people without deformation

Testing of viscose performance: the bond strength of the rock wool panel and the color steel plate extremly high, and the bond area of each peeling surface is greater than 95%

Efficient customer service

Various samples are availableRecommend cost-effective product for customers

Provide customers with practical and beautiful sheets and Solutions

Plenty of stock to meet different choices

Quick delivery

Synchronization of Processing Operation Rhythm and Field Project

Programme design and technical guidance

Clean room design consultationProvide personalized design

Selection of clean room panel and equipment